Whole30 Week1 Meal Plan, Grocery List & Notes 2017-12-30T16:16:09+00:00

Alright, guys!  Here is Week One’s meal plan list and grocery list.

A few notes.  I am cooking for a family of 7 (my older three eat as much, if not more than me!) + leftovers (for my husband to take to work) so the quantities may seem large.  Adjust/scale it to whatever fits you best.

Again, this is JUST a guideline….you do not have to follow this to the t.  In fact, I will probably not even follow this to the t.  But I find that it’s wwaaaay easier to have a framework in place and adjust as you go vs. try to make things up on the fly when doing Whole30.

I’ve added links to most recipes that I can think of…. and this ones without recipes are just what I’ve made up or you can find your own variation (when I saw made, here’s an example:  ‘eggs, kale and potatoes:  I sautée potatoes, add kale, add some seasonings to taste and then add in eggs, while using ghee, or coconut oil.  I’m not sure that qualifies as an official ‘recipe’, so I didn’t post a link for it, but if you want to know more specifics or would like a few more detailed instructions, feel free to comment and I’ll give you my step by steps!).

Also, you may notice that this seems ‘light’ on the meat for a Whole30 plan….. again, this is just MY guideline… if you feel like you need more meat – add it!  Add some extra chicken on your salad, eggs, etc.  Who knows, I may even find that I am hungrier and need to add more meat, too, as the week goes on.  If so, I’ll let you know.  The Facebook page will be a GREAT place to add all these comments!

P.S. There are a few things I will send out later in the week: 1) Turkey stew recipe and 2) A video tutorial on how to make your own homemade mayo (takes less than 5 min!) 3) A video tutorial on how to make your own ghee.