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Organizations That Inspire Me:

Young Life

I’ve been part of Young Life for over 15 years now and I absolutely love the heart of their mission.  Simply to tell kids about Jesus.  Young Life volunteers and staff leaders go where most are reluctant to go….. middle school cafeterias, high school bleachers, college dorms, into the lives of teen moms, urban streets and Capernaum (special needs).  Half the friends we’ve made while moving around have been through Young Life because there’s just a common bond between Young Life-ers.  I will be highlighting different friends we have on Young Life staff across the country…you will love hearing about what they do.

Propel Women

This organization is my other passion.  Equipping and Encouraging Women.  They speak my language and I will be sharing more about them in future posts!


A21 exists to abolish modern day slavery in the form of human trafficking.  A lot of this happens right in our own backyard without us even realizing it.  Please learn more about A21 and help support their mission.  This is near and dear to my heart.

Mercy Chefs

What an amazing organization!  When I found out about them, I couldn’t believe that they are actually local!  They help during times of disaster and emergencies by providing much needed, QUALITY food during a crisis and help keep the volunteers/staff/crew fueled.  I totally admire what this organization does.


Think Girl Scouts + AWANAS = Vessels.  Yes.  This is fairly new, but such an exciting opportunity for 3rd to 5th grade girls.  Vessels is all about filling these young girls up with the truth of God so that they can be poured out for His purposes.  It’s such a neat way to love on these young girls and prepare them for middle school, high school and beyond.  And given the ages of my girls….we’ll be doing Vessels for the next decade.  :).




Friends That Inspire Me:  

Anchor Realty.  

Look no further for your real estate needs.  If you’re in the local/Hampton Roads area, contact Matt Toller at Anchor Realty!  When you’re dealing with real estate, whether purchasing or selling a home, looking for a vacation rental or property services, you want someone you can trust.  You want someone dependable.  You want someone competent.  You want Anchor Realty.  Matt and his team represent the best combination of capability, integrity and fun.  They are the real deal.   


Fashion tips become real when you get a consult by Michelle at Darling by Design.  She has the knack for making you feel completely comfortable during a consult and you walk away more confident about your fashion choices!  I use her tips all the time.  You will love a consult with Michelle! (Did I mention she also has SEVEN kids?  Four biological and three adopted boys and yes, she still manages to look adorable and helps others achieve the same!  I admire her so much.)  

Deep Creek Designs:  

Check out Deep Creek Design’s Facebook page and prepare to be in awe.  Between fighting bad guys and raising little ones, this husband and wife team built their own CNC machine!  (If you don’t know what it is, just look it up and then you’ll realize why I’m just amazed that they built their own machine!).  From personalized signs, designs, arches, house numbers, cut outs and gifts, Amelia has made some gorgeous designs (to include a mermaid cut out for my daughter’s room!) for you to order.

MMM Home Design.

THE Meghan Morrow brings you amazing style with inviting interiors. Her site will make you drool. :). She just has the knack for making spaces so inviting, yet practical.  As a momma of three boys, she knows how to make your house a home that is welcoming and livable with kids! Don’t be fooled by her polished interiors and amazing creativity; she’s down to earth, genuine and so easy to work with.  Check her out; you will definitely be inspired.  

The Farm Life.

Functional Medicine Alliance.

Meet Ashley! She runs her own farm and inspires everyone to make the change to a healthier lifestyle without having to become a hippie. 🙂 Her understanding of functional medicine is matched by her heart for helping others reduce the toxic load in their lives…through the food we eat and the products we put on our bodies.  And best of all, she is genuine.  She invited me out to her farm the very first time we spoke on the phone!  Local peeps – reach out to her; you’ll love meeting her.

The Positivity Project.  

Folks.  P2 resonated with me from the first time I learned about it.  What is P2?  It’s a program that is all about “Empowering students to build strong relationships” and become others’ oriented.  Man.  If we could just do this as adults, wouldn’t we have more good in our world?  Imagine how we could change the world by empowering our kids to do this?  This could be a game changer.  Our kids standing up to bullying.  Our kids learning to think of themselves less often and more about others.  Our kids learning how to build real, face to face, genuine relationships that are transparent, honest and used to build others up.  This is what I want for my kiddos and I love that P2 is helping make this happen.

We Help Two.  

For the record, I abstain from almost every fundraiser that comes our way, with the exception of a very select few….to include We Help Two.  Aside from being an amazing fundraising company, the husband and wife team who own We Help Two are so REAL.  Bethany is SO genuine, loves Jesus and also happens to be an amazing musician.  It takes a true gem of a person to befriend someone they know is moving in a few short months, but that’s just what she did.  Like their name says, We Help Two partners with schools, organizations, individuals and non-profits to make twice the difference.  They help organizations raise their own funds while also making a positive, local impact at their local shelters.  And their socks are just SUPER fun!