Month of Love – Meet GIFTY

  Here are three ways you can get involved and help:

  1.  For every Beautycounter purchase made through the month of February, 100% of what I earn will be donated.  If you’ve been waiting to try some Beautycounter products or need a refill, this is a great time to place an order.  If you have questions, contact me.  BONUS:  There are many fun promos going on right now so you can take advantage of that WHILE also donating proceeds to the OTC.  Safe & Effective Products + $ for kids at the OTC = WIN.

  2.  You can simply donate by a check made out to: ‘The Divine Word Missionaries”, 6821 Inca Dove Dr., El Paso, TX 79911.  Since the OTC is one of their charities, they will direct your donation to them and your donation will be tax exempt.

  3. Book a 20 minute/$20 consult with me and 100% of that will be donated as well.  BONUS:  You get some questions answered/list of resources, etc, AND your fee goes towards the OTC.  20 minute consults are for specific topics such as wanting a list of resources, quick questions, help with a specific health issue, etc.  Contact me if you have questions about 20 minute consults.

Read more about the Month of Love Campaign here.

To learn more about We Help Two and the rest of the stories of the kids at OTC Ghana, Read here.  


Q: Where can I send a check to?

A:  Divine Word Missionaries, 6821 Inca Dove Dr., El Paso, TX 79911

Q:  How much is a prosthetic?

A:  Right now, there is a system in place to donate prosthetics through fundraisers hosted by We Help Two. (You can use them for a fundraiser, too!  They work with everyone from schools to local projects.  Consider them for your next fundraising project!).  This campaign is focused on setting up funds for the OTC as they have unexpectedly taken on kids that have been abandoned or rescued from abuse and neglect.  Your donations make it possible for the staff at OTC to care for, house, love on and provide an education for their kids.

Q:  How much does it cost for a surgery?

A:  The cost may vary depending on the specific needs, but a surgery consult for a recent 7 year old boy was $232.

Q:  How much does it cost to house a kid at the OTC?

A:  $40/mo.

Q:  Where do I purchase Beautycounter?


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