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Newsletters are a great way to get a summary of the week’s happenings.  This is where I will include new blog posts, updates, and a featured recipe/product/organization (or all three!).  This is any easy way to consolidate all of the week’s updates in one neat, little space.  The best part:  Newsletters are FREE.  


What you can look forward to in newsletters:

  • Health Highlight.  This will cover a wide range of topics to keep you up to date on health issues.
  • Product Highlight.  I love finding products that work FOR you!  I have done the research, read reviews and probably used the product myself.  I will find you new products to try each week!
  • Recipe.  Each week I will send you one or two new recipes to try.  It will range from seasonal recipes to special events and everything in between.  If it is from another site, I will include the source and all modifications I made to make it friendly for any specific diet.
  • Sourcing.  I will include all links for sources as well as any sales or promotional offers.
  • Video:  This will be a short video, no more than a few minutes (we know you have a full plate!) that I use to encourage you, challenge you or help you by showing you specific aspects of certain recipes.


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