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Imago Dei.  You were created in the image of God.  That is the truth that should drive how we treat one another with kindness, love, respect….and why we pursue righteousness and justice for those in need.  Your existence is not an accident, just as much as your achievements do not make anyone a ‘self made man’.  We were all created with the thumbprint of God.  Any faults we see:  violence, selfishness, pride and abuse of our fellow man are just symptoms of the sin that broke our once perfect world.

We were created purposefully.  Each of us.  Uniquely designed by the Creator of the Universe.

And  just as we were designed to thrive and flourish within the boundaries of His love, I believe we are equally designed to physically thrive on certain foods that He’s provided for us.

There is nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking or NEW about the foods we were designed to eat.  Much of it goes back to traditional methods of preparing, cooking and preserving foods to gain maximum nourishment.

You weren’t designed to eat foods laden with chemicals, foods whose very natures are altered, or food that has been stripped of any nutrutional value.

It was never meant to be this hard to eat REAL food.

You were designed to enjoy eating REAL food in fellowship with others for your joy and His Glory.

I hope you enjoy this place where we flesh out issues of the heart while learning how to eat some REAL, delicious food.

Imago Dei.

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