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I’m Jen, plain and simple with one ‘n’.  In October of 2014, while 38 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The stories and recipes contained here tell our journey of healing through holistic nutrition, and more importantly, my relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I love making nutritious food that tastes good and I believe it tastes best when shared with others.  Good food + good people = good times.

After I was given a second chance at life, I felt an urgency to live out God’s calling on my life.  For a few years I struggled with knowing exactly what that was (I am genuinely interested in SO many things and we have a crew of kids that keep our plates full!).  Then I heard someone describe your calling as the place where the needs of the world meet your greatest joy.  It’s like a light went off in my head:  my calling had been under my nose for quite some time.  It was so simple.  I find joy in creating, eating and sharing good food with friends and family.  And well, everyone needs to eat….but not everyone knows how to do it well.  Many of us have lost the art of sourcing, preparing and eating REAL food for the sake of convenience.  I know, because that’s how I used to be (ice cream and cereal for breakfast, anyone????)

My husband kept mentioning the idea of setting up a website to share the information I had learned while we pursued natural paths for cancer treatment.  Especially because my eyes were opened to how our real food choices benefit EVERYONE…not just cancer patients.

Let me take a moment here to be clear about something:  Yes, we chose an ‘alternative’ route of healing over the recommended chemo, radiation and hormone therapy.  But it was NOT an easy decision.  I had a port for months and have the telltale ‘cancer scar’ (among many!) to show that our decision only happened after lots of research and prayer.  I say this to emphasize how much GRACE is here…cancer treatment decisions are HIGHLY personal and MUCH harder than I ever imagined so there is absolutely no judgement here.  Let me say that again:  there is NO judgement here.  That said, somehow, this crazy ‘alternative’ treatment route is working; otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this right now.  I can’t tell you what the absolute right decisions are regarding courses of treatments (and not just cancer, but other chronic illnesses and disease), but I do know this:  God designed our bodies to heal.  We simply need to equip our bodies to do just that:  heal.  And I want to help you find healing.  From the inside out.

So, here I am.  I know the days of my life are already determined by God, the Creator. But here’s to living those days, however long they may be, in the healthiest way possible to live out our callings to our best ability.  “Lord, thank you for this food….let it nourish us so that we can serve you.”

Welcome to the table where everyone has a seat.